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Why a VA Mortgage

Blemished Credit History

If your credit is less than perfect, VA might be the loan for you. You may qualify for a VA mortgage loan with 100% financing even though you have had financial problems.

  • Credit scores can be lower than those for a conventional mortgage. Global Home Finance Inc. has access to more than one lending source providing financing for Qualified Veterans with Credit Scores as low as 560!
  • Bankruptcy. You can obtain an VA mortgage loan two years from the date of your bankruptcy discharge, as long as you’ve maintained good credit since your debts were discharged.
  • Foreclosure. If you keep your credit in excellent shape since a foreclosure, a VA loan will be available to you three years from the final date of your foreclosure. Provided that it was not a VA loan that was foreclosed on and you lost your entitlement.

Competitive Rates & Terms

Even if you have less than perfect credit you still get an “A-paper” like interest rate.

  • There is little adjustment to the interest rate for a VA mortgage loan due to credit score versus a conventional mortgage loan.
  • A VA funding fee(see chart below) of 1.25% or more for first time use is added into the loan balance instead of being paid out-of-pocket. In addition, there is no need for any monthly mortgage insurance premium when your loan to value is over 80% as is the case with FHA and Conventional mortgages.
  • Borrowers can finance 100% of the purchase price.
  • Allowable debt ratios are higher than the debt-ratio limits imposed for most conventional mortgage loans.


At the end of 2016 Global Home Finance Inc. secured the rights to provide a special no closing costs program under a special Customer Closing Costs Subsidy Program (CCCSP).  The program set aside funds of 100 million to be used to pay Texas Veteran’s mortgage closing costs. When the 100 million in funds is depleted the program will automatically terminate.  This is only for Veterans Administration loans for Global Home Finance Inc. customers.  We are allowed for a limited time to provide our customers with no closing cost loans under the VA lending program – including VA Jumbo loans with excess entitlement.  Once the 100 million is gone this program will be terminated act now by calling 866-923-3222 or Apply Securely Online at:

A VA Loan is Right for Me and I am Ready to get Started with No Closing Costs!

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