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Why a VA Mortgage

Blemished Credit History

If your credit is less than perfect, VA might be the loan for you. You may qualify for a VA mortgage loan with 100% financing even though you have had financial problems.

  • Credit scores can be lower than those for a conventional mortgage. Global Home Finance Inc. has access to more than one lending source providing financing for Qualified Veterans with Credit Scores as low as 560!
  • Bankruptcy. You can obtain an VA mortgage loan two years from the date of your bankruptcy discharge, as long as you’ve maintained good credit since your debts were discharged.
  • Foreclosure. If you keep your credit in excellent shape since a foreclosure, a VA loan will be available to you three years from the final date of your foreclosure. Provided that it was not a VA loan that was foreclosed on and you lost your entitlement.

Competitive Rates & Terms

Even if you have less than perfect credit you still get an “A-paper” like interest rate.

  • There is little adjustment to the interest rate for a VA mortgage loan due to credit score versus a conventional mortgage loan.
  • A VA funding fee(see chart below) of 1.25% or more for first time use is added into the loan balance instead of being paid out-of-pocket. In addition, there is no need for any monthly mortgage insurance premium when your loan to value is over 80% as is the case with FHA and Conventional mortgages.
  • Borrowers can finance 100% of the purchase price.
  • Allowable debt ratios are higher than the debt-ratio limits imposed for most conventional mortgage loans.


Since 2016 Global Home Finance Inc. has provided a special no closing costs program under a special Customer Closing Costs Subsidy Program (CCCSP).  The program set aside funds of $100 million to be used to pay Veteran’s mortgage closing costs. When the $100 million in funds is depleted the program will automatically terminate.  This is only for Veterans Administration loans for Global Home Finance Inc. customers.  We are allowed for a limited time to provide our customers with no closing cost loans under the VA lending program – including VA Jumbo loans with excess entitlement.  Once the $100 million is gone this program will be terminated act now by calling 866-923-3222 or Apply Securely Online at:

A VA Loan is Right for Me and I am Ready to get Started with No Closing Costs!

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